Increasing Access to Treatment Through Technology

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One of the keys to delivering on our mission of providing patient assistance is through leveraging technology.

From patient applications and enrollment to grant management, technology is critical to our work and we’re dedicated to advancing our systems to provide exceptional service that is efficient, safe and secure.

Helping Patients, Quickly and Seamlessly

We know too well the healthcare system is often fraught with paperwork and delays. But when faced with a critical diagnosis, helping patients immediately access their treatment is our highest priority.

Our enrollment processes and grant management system are designed to help patients, or their healthcare team, apply for and receive financial assistance fast and seamlessly. We also have several other systems in place to ensure high quality services and to accurately forecast patient need:

  • Our self-service portals allow patients, healthcare providers and pharmacists to enroll in minutes and manage grants online.
  • We offer instant, online financial eligibility verification in order to minimize the paperwork burden on applicants.
  • Our integrated financial system and customer relationship management platform provide enhanced fund- and grant-level reporting.
  • Our advanced data analytics help us accurately forecast demand and grant availability, ensuring that we’re addressing patient needs.

“I think the PAN application portal is one of the easiest to navigate. Everything is straightforward and useful. I prefer to enroll patients online instead of over the phone because it is more time-efficient. I also like how all the information about the patient's grant is readily available for reference, if needed. Keep up the great work! It makes my job as a patient advocate much easier!" —Jennifer, medical oncology and blood disorders patient advocate

Efficient Grant Operations

Our instant enrollment process means that patients can be approved for a grant within minutes and quickly access their prescription medications. When patients receive a grant from PAN, their first claim is usually submitted in less than one week—and often on the first day. For many of our assistance programs, if a patient needs more financial support during their grant eligibility period, we also offer second grants when funding is available.

In addition, we have a new process in place to monitor patients’ grant use—if we find they are not using their grant, we reach out to them to determine if they still need it. This new approach cycles unused funds into new grants daily and keeps our assistance programs open longer to help more patients.

"I am so blessed to be able to renew my multiple sclerosis drug grant for another year. Your notification process of grant funding availability is outstanding. As soon as I received the email, I went online to the patient portal and applied. I updated my income information and was instantly approved. What an incredible feeling of relief and hope. —Mary, a PAN Heart Failure grant recipient

Putting Patients First

We’re committed to connecting patients with financial assistance so they can start treatment. When we’re unable to provide a grant, we always refer patients to other patient assistance programs, regardless of whether they enroll via our call center or online application portals. In addition, we are a source for patient support, caregiver resources and more.

We also encourage patients to sign up for FundFinder, a new web app powered by the PAN Foundation, so they can receive notifications when an assistance program for their diagnosis opens at any of the eight charitable foundations. FundFinder is the first free app available to all types of users that sends automated alerts for financial assistance, ensuring that anyone with a life-threatening, chronic or rare disease can easily monitor available patient assistance programs.

Technology That Works for All of Us

Our systems allow us to help more patients all the time, creating efficiencies, enabling real-time data analysis, saving administrative costs and ultimately, offering a seamless patient experience when receiving assistance from the PAN Foundation so they can start and stay on treatment.